Training Session at Kyungpook University, Korea

Version added 10-Jun-2019| Modified 10-Jun-2019

On 18th to 19th May, a webOS OSE training session was held at Kyungpook University in Daegu, Korea. It was for college students who are to run LG webOS IoT Contest, a Hackathon program hosted by LG Soft India (LGSI), as part of their internship program. LG webOS IoT Contest is held from 27th May to 14th July, and the winner announcement will be made on 22nd July in Bangalore.


The objectives of the students participating in the session were clear – to experience web app development on webOS OSE and find ways to make progress on their projects with it for the Hackathon! So despite that it was the weekend, they were very active and passionate throughout the training.

The session was two-days long. The first day was about how to build and flash a webOS OSE image, the architecture and components of webOS OSE, what are the tools available for app development, etc. On the following day, the students had chances to consult with the webOS OSE expert about their ongoing projects in terms of how to make use of webOS OSE for better results. They could also practice app development with the sample apps and guide documentation. Especially for students who have ideas for an IoT project but don’t know what to do next, it was a great opportunity to get advice from the expert.

Following this session, there will be an in-depth training program for two weeks in July at LGSI.

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