Debugging JS Services

Version added 07-Mar-2018| Modified 15-Oct-2018

You can use the Node Inspector to debug JS services by monitoring the run-time status of a JS service that is running on a target device. The Node Inspector allows you to observe the values of variables and to control JavaScript execution. For more information about Node Inspector, refer to the GitHub of Node Inspector.

To launch the Node inspector on a webOS OSE device, you must execute the ares-inspect command while the JS service is running. For detailed information on the command, see Command Line Interface.

 General Usage:

ares-inspect --device TARGET_DEVICE --service SERVICE_ID --open

This loads the Node Inspector in your default browser as shown in the following screenshot:

Node Inspector works only in Blink-based web browsers (example: Chrome and Opera). If another browser (example: Safari or Internet Explorer) is set as your default web browser, you must re-open the inspector page in a Blink-based web browser.


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