Version added 20-Jun-2018| Modified 11-Jun-2019

webOS supports native applications which are deployed as platform native binaries. Native apps are developed using C/C++ and run in the system. Developing a native app is typically a much bigger effort than developing web apps or QML apps. However, there are two primary reasons for choosing to develop native apps:

  • Need for high performance.

  • Much greater control over app performance in various scenarios.


Important Points

  • Native apps can call webOS service through luna-service2. For the basics and methods, see Native Service Basics.

  • A native app must register itself to SAM by calling the registerApp method. It establishes a connection between the SAM and the native app. The SAM can then pass launch status (such as "registered" or "relaunch") and launch parameters to the native app through the connection.

  • For UI of the native app, you can use Qt or QML.

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