Downloading the Package

Version added 09-Aug-2018| Modified 15-Jan-2019

This page provides the system requirements for running the Beanviser and the Beanviser package for download.

System Requirements

Check out the software and hardware requirements to use Beanviser.

Software Requirements

OS Requirement
Linux Ubuntu 10.04 or later
macOS Mac OS X 10.11 or later
Windows Windows 7 or later

Hardware Requirements

HW Component Requirement
CPU 1 GHz or faster
Memory 1 GB or more of RAM
VGA 1280 x 1024 or greater

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About Beanviser Releases

v1.0.0 (16-AUG-2018)


This is the first official release of Beanviser Open Source Edition. For a detailed list of features, see Key Beanviser Functions.

Known Issues

  • Log viewer filter buttons are enabled even while the page is still loading.

  • The "$" character is accepted in the device name. However, on Linux it gets converted to numbers.

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