Command Line Interface

Version added 07-Mar-2018| Modified 15-Oct-2018

The command line interface (CLI) of webOS Open Source Edition (OSE) provides a collection of commands used for creating, packaging, installing, and launching web apps in the command line environment. The CLI allows you to develop and test apps without having to use a specific IDE.

Key Features

The CLI provides the following key features:

  • Project creation

    • Provides standard project templates for webOS OSE web apps

    • Provides a list of available templates

    • Generates a project for an app and sets up basic information of an app

  • Web app packaging

    • Packages the source code and generates a package file (.ipk) to run on the target device

    • Provides a feature to exclude sample and test code directories from a project

    • Generates app installation files for debugging

  • Target device management

    • Provides a list of target devices

    • Adds, modifies, and removes target devices

  • Web app installation

    • Installs apps on the target device

    • Provides a list of apps installed on the target device

    • Removes selected apps from the target device

  • Web app launching/closing

    • Runs selected apps

    • Closes apps that are running

    • Provides the list of apps running on the target device

  • Web app debugging

    • Provides Web Inspector for debugging web apps

    • Provides Node Inspector for debugging JavaScript services

    • Provides web app information

    • Provides JavaScript service information


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