webOS OSE CLI Release Notes

Version added 30-Jul-2018| Modified 01-Aug-2018

The command-line interface (CLI) of webOS Open Source Edition (OSE) provides scripts to use in a command line to create/package a project for an app and to install/run/debug the app on the target device.


webOS OSE CLI v1.8.1 (July 2018)

New/Changed features for this release are listed below.

New/Changed features

  • Changed the package file names (from webos-ose-cli-rpi_sdk-*.* to ares-webos-cli-ose_sdk-*.*)

  • Added the end-user license agreement (EULA)

  • Added hosted web app template

webOS OSE CLI v1.6.4 (Initial Release, March 2018)

The key features and known issues of this release are as follows:

Key features

  • Project creation

    • Provides standard project templates for webOS OSE web apps

    • Provides a list of available templates

    • Generates a project for an app and sets up basic information of an app

  • Web app packaging

    • Packages the source code and generates a package file (.ipk) to run on the target device

    • Provides a feature to exclude sample and test code directories from a project

    • Generates app installation files for debugging

  • Target device management

    • Provides a list of target devices

    • Adds, modifies, and removes target devices

  • Web app installation

    • Installs apps on the target device

    • Provides a list of apps installed on the target device

    • Removes selected apps from the target device

  • Web app launching/closing

    • Runs selected apps

    • Closes apps that are running

    • Provides the list of apps running on the target device

  • Web app debugging

    • Provides Web Inspector for debugging web apps

    • Provides Node Inspector for debugging JavaScript services

    • Provides web app information

    • Provides JavaScript service information

Known issues

  • Web Inspector and Node Inspector work on Blink-based browsers (Chrome and Opera) but not on non-Blink browsers (Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Safari).

  • The emulator should be running prior to using ares-install or ares-launch commands. CLI does not run the emulator automatically.

  • ares-server and ares-inspect commands are not terminated on their own, and can only be terminated manually by pressing Ctrl+C.

  • ares-package shows an error message if an app file name contains non-ASCII characters. (App file names should contain Latin letters ONLY.)

  • ares-setup-device --search|-s (Search webOS Devices) is not working, because webOS OSE does not contain upnpd.

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