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Introducing Luna Surface Manager at Qt World Summit 2018

In a technical session at Qt World Summit Berlin, a webOS expert introduced Luna Surface Manager (LSM), a graphics manager of webOS OSE. He also explained how LSM has been refactored to meet the requirements of various products.

The History and Future of webOS in Qt World Summit 2018

At Qt World Summit 2018 in Berlin, LG Electronics introduced the history of webOS up to the release of webOS OSE and outlined the next steps to expand the platform into broader industry verticals.

Autonomous Vehicle Simulator and webOS WebApp Run-time

The members of LG SVL have introduced and demonstrated the automotive vehicle simulator at CES 2019. It comprises the autonomous driving simulator, self-driving software, and infotainment and navigation system with web applications running on Web App Manager of webOS OSE.

Envisioning the Future of In-car Experience at CES 2019

In the keynote address at CES 2019, LG Electronics President and Chief Technology Officer Dr. I.P. Park has presented visions of the future in-car experience and said LG will openly collaborate with its partners for those visions with webOS as a base platform.

Beanbird Bot at iROS 2018

LG SVL also introduced Beanbird Bot running with webOS at iROS 2018.

Introducing Automotive Simulator at iROS 2018

LG SVL introduced and demonstrated Automotive Simulator at iROS 2018.

webOS OSE Session in OSCON

webOS experts had presentations about webOS OSE in OSCON 2018.

Welcome Beanbird Bot

The Beanbird Bot running with webOS OSE! See what he can do and how. 

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Introducing webOS OSE

webOS OSE is a web-centric open source software platform for smart devices. 

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